2013 – Achmat & Zubeida Abrahams {The Un-Official Wedding Photos}

Congrats to Achmat and Zubeida Abrahams for tying the knot.


It is great being invited as a guest to a friend’s wedding, but being a Freelance Photographer it is very difficult to decide, should or should I not leaving my camera at home and just attend the ceremony.

Knowing me, the freelance photographer in me always wins.

I managed to “quickly” capture a couple of random snapshots of this wedding couple, while they had a moment to relax and refresh at home before proceeding to the reception.

All images are posted with the permission of my friends and are copyrighted by me. ©

For the record – I was not selected as the Main Wedding photographer.

Thank you
GS – Freelance Photography
073 368 5622

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